About us

The Garden Vietnam is a company specializing in exporting fresh fruits from Vietnam to foreign countries. We are confident to supply a wide range of fruits with the best quality to all the strictest markets worldwide. Currently, we have successfully exported many kinds of fruits to several markets such as the USA, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, China, etc.

As a leading fruit exporter in Vietnam, The Garden Vietnam constantly focuses on bringing premium quality products to international customers. Our story is interwoven with trusted growers, producers and partners, with a strong shared belief that quality is paramount.

From dragon fruit, rambutan to longan, mango, pomelo, etc., The Garden Vietnam is the place where you can find all the most typical Vietnamese fruits that are favored around the world. We always apply the most advanced processing and preservation technologies according to the standards of each country, along with the most optimal logistics solutions to preserve the maximum level of flavor and freshness in each product. Our focus is to bring overseas customers the same experience as when the fruit has just been picked in our garden.

For us, it is “Journey of freshness”.