The Garden Vietnam is a leading company in the field of exporting agricultural products, we are confident to understand customers, thereby providing the freshest fruits and the best quality service to international customers.

After handling and processing, fruits will be sorted by size and packed before shipping. The Garden Vietnam has a full range of equipment and capabilities to pack products according to any customer’s requirement, providing a wide range of flexible choices to suit diverse needs of customers, and ensuring the quality of fruits in the best preserved condition before exporting.

We always strictly comply with all conditions and packaging materials according to ISO standards as well as specific standards of each market. The Garden Vietnam uses high-quality bags, boxes, and wooden pallets that have been fumigated as well as the safest materials to ensure the products preserved at the maximum level and not damaged during transportation.

Understanding the perishable and time-sensitive characteristics of fruits, The Garden Vietnam always select appropriate logistics partners in order to ensure uninterrupted transportation. We have long-term and sustainable relationships with the most prestigious partners in the logistics industry, thereby provide the most optimal logistics solutions to ensure product quality.

The partners of The Garden Vietnam are all long time experienced in fruit export, helping our cargo to be handled quickly, conveniently, without any delay or problem during the customs clearance and transportation process.

With all the above conditions, our customers can be completely assured of the product quality as well as the strict and safe logistics to ensure a stable source of fruits, and products are always fresh when delivered to customers as in original condition.