With the goal of bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to higher levels, reaching out to the international market, The Garden Vietnam was established as a company specializing in supplying high-quality fruits to fastidious markets such as the US and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, etc. We only select the best fruits and use the most modern and advanced processing technologies allowed by each country to bring the best products to our customers.

Due to the perishable nature of fruits, the choice of treatment method is extremely necessary. At The Garden Vietnam, to limit the spoilage rate and improve the quality of our products, we treat the fruits before exporting by two basic methods: heat treatment and irradiation.

1. Heat treatment: This is a pesticide-free method to keep texture quality during storage. This method is conducted using hot air, hot water dips, or steam heat, and is an alternative to cut down the need to use chemical products to assure the quality of fruits or vegetables.

The heat treatment method uses steam heat to treat fruits through a sudden change in temperature. Initially, the temperature in room is raised to 45-50 Celsius degrees with steam suitable for each fruit to kill larvae of pests and harmful insects attached to the outer skin of fruits. Then the fruits are cooled from inside to keep its freshness.

This method poses no harm to both human, animal and also environment while preserving the quality, moisture, color and flavor of fruits.

2. Irradiation: This is a processing and preservation technique with similar results to freezing or pasteurization. During this procedure, fruits are exposed to doses of ionizing energy, or radiation. At low doses, irradiation extends a product’s shelf life. At higher doses, this process kills insects, molds, bacteria and other potentially harmful micro-organisms.

At our factories, fruits are X-rayed to kill pests, insects, and pathogens. The dose of X-ray used is just enough to kill them and not affect the health of consumers. After irradiation, fruits are cooled from inside and packaged appropriately to ensure freshness.

With this method, exported fruits will be preserved longer and protect the health of consumers by killing pathogenic bacteria inside.

In addition to the two basic methods above, The Garden Vietnam also uses other methods, such as sulfur incubation (for longan when exporting to the USA). The longan fruits are stacked and then burned with sulfur in the middle so that the sulfur vapor rises, thereby cleaning the bacteria on the fruits. This treatment results in a better-looking longan with an attractive bright yellow color.

Each country will accept different fruit processing method, so The Garden Vietnam will choose suitable method for each fruit to ensure meeting standards of our customers.

After applying the treatment methods, the fruits will be kept in cold storage for at least one day before being exported to ensure 100% of the fruits are cold from the center, avoiding spoilage.

Above are the most advanced and modern fruit processing technologies applied at The Garden Vietnam that meet standards according to strict regulations of each country. We always strive to bring fruits with the best quality to our customers.