Green-skin pomelo

Green-skin pomelo

Season: all year round.

Benefits: support health and beauty, increase resistance, control appetite, reduce fat, support weight loss process, support therapy for people with kidney disease, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes.

Green skin pomelo, as well as other kinds of pomelo, belongs to citrus fruit variety, and is one of the healthy fruits. The name “Green skin” comes from the characteristics that when it’s ripe, its skin remains green. The skin is usually thin and the segments are pink. Contrary to the outer skin, the segments inside are juicy, tight, easy to separate, with a slightly sour taste mixed with sweetness, and a pleasant aroma.

Compared with other trees, green-skin pomelo is an easy-to-grow and easy-to-harvest plant because it can bear fruit all year round. However, not everyone can do the planting in full yield with delicious and high-quality fruits. Normally, pomelo is harvested in August, its main season. However, as the fruit ripens in the rainy season, its flavor is often not strong enough. Together with our farmers, The Garden Vietnam has researched new cultivation techniques (about watering time, watering method), combined with traditional experiences such as controlling water, applying nitrogen fertilizer, plucking leaves, etc. to get the trees to produce fruit all year round while always ensuring the highest quality.

With all our enthusiasm in the process of growing and harvesting, we are proud to provide beautiful, sweet and tasty pomelos around the year, which are favored by many of customers.

Pomelo is not only delicious but also contains many vitamins and nutrients that are considered panaceas for health and beauty.

Being a member of the same family ​​as oranges and tangerines, pomelo is a rich source of vitamin C that increases the body’s resistance against harmful environmental agents.

Another great effect of pomelo is that, it is an ideal therapeutic aid for people with kidney disease and cerebrovascular disease, thanks to its rich potassium content. Fresh pomelo juicy vesicles also contains insulin, which is very good for people with diabetes.

Speaking of beauty, it is no exaggeration to say that pomelo is a panacea. From its peel to  segments and its seeds, all have a very good effect on the beauty of women. Pomelo skin is cooked into a natural shampoo that not only helps reduce hair loss but also creates shine and strength for hair.

Vitamin A and vitamin C in pomelo reverse the aging process, prevent wrinkles and crow’s feet, and help the skin to be naturally beautiful. Moreover, pomelo contains a lot of fiber and low calories that help control appetite and have a fat loss effect, supporting the weight loss process.

Pomelo does not need to be processed elaborately. You can eat the juicy pomelos directly, or you can make pomelo salad, smoothie, sweet soup (made from its white, thick, spongy part outside the segments) or candied peel in a very simple and quick way.