Season: all year round.

Uses: reduce anemia, support people with insomnia and diseases related to the nervous system, improve neurasthenia, reduce the risk of cancer, increase life expectancy, support wound healing process, prevent colds, flu, stimulate collagen production, contribute to the health of teeth and gums, fight sore throat.

Longan is a tropical fruit of the soapberry family and is popularly used to eat directly, make sweet soup or tea. The round longan has an almost smooth grayish-yellow skin, a thick, succulent and clear white pulp, and a jet-black seed inside. When eaten, longan pulp has a pleasant sweet taste and a characteristic mild aroma.

Longan is a relatively special plant, highly dependent on the weather. Longan usually produces fruit in the main crop in July every year. This is the time of the rainy season in Vietnam, so the fruit is usually damaged or infected, leading to low yield or low quality without enough taste.

Concerned with this problem, we have researched and applied many special technical methods so that the longan trees in our farms can produce off-season fruit as desired. Some of the applied methods can be mentioned such as girdling at the right time, adding the suitable fertilizers and preparations to get the plants to flower at the desired time, as well as ensure the fruit quality to remain unchanged compared to those in the main season.

When the longan begins to taste sweet, we will cover it with a small airy mesh to prevent bats and birds from coming to eat and destroy the fruits while still ensure that the leaves and fruits can photosynthesize. Therefore, longan at The Garden Vietnam can be harvested all year round, especially in the dry season, in order to ensure the best and most delicious taste.

Longan is a “small but mighty” fruit with many benefits for health and beauty.

Regular consumption of longan is a miracle cure for diseases related to the nervous system, especially depression. Compounds in longan help the nerves relax and enhance function, thereby improve insomnia. Besides, mixing warm water with longan drink will help improve neurasthenia caused by illness and fatigue.

The nutrients in longan can fight free radical molecules that are harmful to the body and protect cells from damage. Therefore, regular use of longan contributes to reducing the risk of cancer, increasing life expectancy and supporting the wound healing process.

Longan is a rich source of vitamin C for the body to protect you from colds, flu and stimulate collagen production like a “special drug” to beautify the skin. Besides, vitamin C in  longan also contributes to the health of teeth and gums, and prevents sore throat.

The use of longan helps  body to enhance the absorption of iron, limit anemia and create a feeling of comfort and reduce pressure on the nervous system close to the spleen and heart. Not only that, longan also protects the body against factors that cause pancreatic problems and is good for the reproductive organs in women.