Pink-flesh dragon fruit

Pink-flesh dragon fruit

Season: all year round.

Benefits: beautify skin, fight cancer, improve heart health, control and prevent diabetes, improve digestive system, improve eyesight, support immune system, anti-inflammatory.

Pink-flesh dragon fruit is a classic hybrid of red-fleshed and white-fleshed dragon fruit, with outstanding features such as strong flowering almost year-round, and natural pollination ability to create fruit.

Not only does pink-flesh dragon fruit has the ability of fructification all year round but it also has outstanding characteristics such as strong growth, large branches, ovoid or oblong shape, beautiful skin, green ears, very attractive magenta flesh, and delicious taste. In particular, compared to the red-flesh dragon fruit, at The Garden Vietnam, pink-flesh dragon fruit is bred to be infected with pests and diseases at a low to moderate level, so it is very convenient for production and difficult to be damaged during long period of transportation.

Because of the outstanding characteristics of taste and vitality mentioned above, this type of dragon fruit is favored by many of our customers all over the world.

Hybrid between red dragon fruit and white dragon fruit, pink dragon fruit is a nutritious and fresh fruit loved by many people, contributing to the diversification of agricultural products.

Pink dragon fruit is often used as a dessert, smoothie, or daily drink. With outstanding features from its beautiful bright red skin, which is quite glossy, with its crisp, firm flesh, sweet and sour taste and fragrant aroma, purple-pink flesh dragon fruit is popular both in Vietnam and abroad.

Pink dragon fruit is not only delicious and attractive but also very nutritious. Pink dragon fruit contains a lot of vitamins and essential minerals that are good for health, has the effect of beautifying the skin, fighting cancer, controlling and preventing diabetes, and improving the digestive system.

Pink dragon fruit is called an anti-inflammatory fruit, therefore it is recommended that people with arthritis should add purple-pink flesh dragon fruit to their healthy diet.

Pink dragon fruit is considered an excellent source of vitamin C, which supports the immune system very well. In addition, this fruit also helps to maintain and improve vision because it is rich in vitamin A, which helps improve eye problems.

Another health benefit that pink dragon fruit brings is improving heart health by reducing bad cholesterol levels and adding good cholesterol, helping the heart to rest in the best condition.