White-flesh dragon fruit

White-flesh dragon fruit

Season: all year round.

Benefits: clear heat, detoxify, improve the immune system, lower bad cholesterol level, anti-aging, promote heart health, improve eyesight.

Dragon fruit belongs to the cactus family and has many different types: white dragon fruit, red dragon fruit and pink dragon fruit.

Widely known as a typical of the tropics, white dragon fruit is a nutritious fruit with good heat-clearing effect and is grown all year round.

White flesh dragon fruit has a dark pink appearance, surrounded by pale green ears, and has small seeds inside its white flesh. The fruit brings a feeling of freshness with a mild sweet taste.

In comparison with red or pink-flesh dragon fruit, white-flesh dragon fruit has lower sugar content, more pure taste, and mild sourness. As the most popular and widely grown traditional fruit among types of dragon fruits in Vietnam, white flesh dragon fruit has a much stronger vitality than red or pink-flesh dragon fruit.

Not only is it stronger, easier to store but it also has stronger resistance to harmful agents during long transportation. Therefore, many of our international customers have chosen white-flesh dragon fruit as their favorite product.

Similar to red and pink-flesh dragon fruit, at The Garden Vietnam, we also apply the most modern methods in the growing and production process of white-flesh dragon fruit such as lighting to achieve the highest yield, ensure stable supply and the highest quality.

White dragon fruit is very simple to enjoy, you just need cut the fruit into pieces, remove the skin and eat the flesh. In addition, you can dry it for longer storage or eat it with ice cream, smoothies or add it to fruit salads.

With a low calorie content of only 60 kcal in 100 gram of white dragon fruit, this fruit supports natural weight loss significantly.

In particular, white dragon fruit also contains a lot of water and minerals that are good for your health. However, not everyone understands the benefits that this fruit brings.

Anti-aging and lower bad cholesterolIn the nutritional composition of white dragon fruit, there is a lot of vitamin B3 and many antioxidants. Therefore, it will help to keep the skin moist and rejuvenated from the inside when eaten a lot.

Improve the immune systemFlavonoids and antioxidants have the effect of destroying harmful free radicals, helping to improve the body’s immunity. These two important substances are found in white dragon fruit along with amino acids that contribute to improving immune system function.

Improve heart healthThe black seeds in white flesh dragon fruit have a lot of omega fatty acids, which contribute to improving cardiovascular function extremely well.

Improve eyesightCarotene in white dragon fruit helps maintain and improve the health of the eyes.